The Beginner’s Guide to Anavar Cycles

Oxandrolone is the general name for the product commonly known as Anavar, and this anabolic steroid is ideal for use for both men and women. It’s even more popular to women than men because of its effective cutting prowess. Not only that, it can help the user effectively lose weight while gaining enhanced physical and athletic strength without acquiring major side effects.

With an Anavar cycle, male and female users can utilize the anabolic steroid for both cutting and bulking purposes. Interested users should know that you can use it either as a standalone product in a cycle or as part of a stack. You can use it with other anabolic steroids and supplements to lessen the chances of adverse effects from surfacing while boosting the advantages gained from them.

Anavar-Only Cycle for Male and Female Users

With an Anavar=only cycle, female users should start with a dosage of 2.25-milligrams during week 1. The amount taken will increase incrementally in the next week 8 weeks until the 10-milligram mark is reached. A typical cycle should start the 1st two weeks with 2.5-milligrams, and on the 3rd and 4th week the user can increase the dosage to 5.0-milligrams. In week 5, the dosage increases to 10-milligrams, and then the start of the 6th week, the user should increase the dosage to 15-milligrams. In week 7, the user should decrease it to 5-milligrams. On the final week, the last amounts of dosage should be at 10-milligrams. This cycle is useful for women, especially those that are new to steroid use. However, male users can also take advantage of this cycle, but the effects aren’t as prominent as with female users.

What is the Best Anavar Cycle for Men?

There are many options for Anavar cycles for men. For instance, users can choose to take Anavar 10 mg dosage for male cutting stack. Always remember that Oxandrolone, the parent name of Anavar, is primarily a cutting agent and not a product for bulking up. One of the best Anavar cycles for male users takes the span of a 6-week period. During week 1 and 2, users should take 80-milligrams of Anavar on a daily basis, and combine it with 50-milligrams of S-4 and 10-milligrams of GW-501516. On week 3, take the same amounts of the medications used in the first and second weeks, but this time reduce the GW-501516 to 15-milligrams per day. Lastly, for the fourth to sixth week, take the same amounts of the products found on the stack, but increase the GW-501510 to 20-milligrams per day. After the 6th week is over, make sure to undergo a post cycle therapy (PCT) for five weeks.

Beginner Anavar Cycle for Women

Female users who are new to using steroids might want to take Anavar with Clenbuterol. Take 40-mcg of Clenbuterol for three weeks. Then on week 4, introduce 10-milligrams of Anavar. For weeks 5 up to 6, increase the dosage of Clenbuterol to 60-mcg. On the 8th week, increase it further up to 80-mcg. On the 11th week, increase the dosage of Clen to 100-mcg per day.

Beginner Anavar Cycle for Men

Male users who want to use Anavar to increase overall muscle mass should start the cycle with 40-mcg of Clenbuterol with 100-milligrams of a Testosterone booster. When week 3 arrives, increase the dosage of Clenbuterol to 60-mcg and this should continue up to the end of week 4. During the fifth and sixth weeks, users need to take 50-milligrams of Anavar while increasing the Clen dosage to 100-mcg per day. On the last 3 weeks of the cycle, you can increase the Anavar dosage to 60 to 80-milligrams.

Now that you have an idea on how to take Anavar, you should now be looking for a reliable source to purchase the anabolic steroid.