Lower back pain: Tips to provide relief to pregnant women

Pregnancy can be filled with excitement, satisfaction and provide the expectant mother with a sense of pride. At the same time, it also is likely to cause discomfort and fatigues in the person during the pregnancy period. With the weight of the womb increasing due to the developing child, the expectant mother is likely to feel her stomach to be heavy, which might make her to experience lower back pain at this time.

How to get relief from lower back pain?

At times, the pregnancy related lower back pain can become unbearable. What she requires is proper sleep. In case, she sleeps in uncomfortable position, then the back pain will only become worse. Hence, while sleeping, one should make use of the specially developed maternity back-support belt. It is said to work fabulously to provide the much needed support to the belly region. This way, the lower back is not required to carry weight alone. However, it is ignored by many women. The truth is the weight is to be there even when she is asleep. One should make use of only prescribed safe medicines for pregnancy.

Few women are noticed to wrap pillows right below their bellies. Using pillows can be a great idea. She should try to use many pillows as possible for making herself more comfortable. Few are noticed to have ten pillows surrounding them to sleep. The objective here is to enjoy pain free sleep and to be comfortable.

Natural treatment for lower back pain during pregnancy

  • Pain arising in the feet may also be the cause for pain emerging in the lower back. Hence, the tip here will be to use athletic shoes or low heeled shoes. High heels are to be avoided at all cost, as it will cause slip and other major issues.
  • Even after using this, some pain could be felt in the feet. Massaging this region will be the best solution available. Several gadgets are found in the market to be used for massaging the foot.
  • Safe and light workout can also prove to be effective to provide treatment for lower back pain especially during pregnancy. It is important for the expectant mother to go for a light walk regularly or perform soft exercises. Combining light stretching and exercises every day can help alleviate back pain to a great extent. The exercises do help the body to cope easily with the changes taking place in the body everyday during pregnancy and provide the ability to carry more weight. Stretching muscles will help to avoid back pain as well as leg cramps.
  • Heavy items are not to be carried during pregnancy. This is something that should be heeded very seriously. Also, the person should not stand for a long time period. Hence, the suggestion provided by the health experts is to move if possible and not sit or stand in same place for long time. Slouching is also to be avoided when sitting.

Medication for pregnant women is best taken as recommended by the physician and safe pregnancy experienced.