Your best gynecological visit ever?

A lot of women look up to the annual appointment with a gynecologist with blissful eyes. Like flossing, shaving and entertaining your mother in law, a doctor is to be seen because you have to. It in no way means that this crucial check-up is bound to be a torture. When you visit the best gynecologist doctor in Mumbai, the below-mentioned tips will of immense help

Be on top of the list

Waiting is never an interesting idea, and when it is for something unpleasant, it is even worse. When it is a female gynecologist, it does take a little bit longer as women tend to open up more with their counterparts. To shorten the process and to get the most out of your appointment plan your visit well in advance. You can ask for the first appointment of the day or a slot right after lunch. But do remember that it is a non-surgery day. A lot of gynecologists tend to have operations in the mornings and if the process lasts longer in the morning, the afternoon sessions are expected to be delayed.

Waiting for your way is the best course of action. If you need to wait, do something productive, which relaxes you. It can be reading a book or listening to your favorite music. Your primary goal is not to be stressed out as time passes.


During your visit to a gynecologist, you would need to undress during your examination. Socks are one equipment which you would need to take off and if the room is cold, opt for knee socks. Wear a comfortable set of clothes which can be taken off with ease. If you have a mammogram before or after your Pap test, just wear a skirt, top or pants.

One does not have to be that clean

Most women are focused on cleaning themselves during a gynecological exam. No need to go overboard as too much cleaning does have an impact on the Pap test results. For example, the douche can wash away the cells in the vagina, which might require coming for another examination. Instead, take your routine shower and avoid exposure to chemicals. In modern days, the gynecologist collects the cells with the help of a brush from your cervix and then brushes them into a liquid medium.

Take notes

To help the doctor and to ensure that you do not forget anything makes a list of all the questions before you visit a gynecologist. Be crystal clear on what you want from the exam.  Is it a diagnosis or a simple info?  Note down all the answers to the questions as the human mind finds it difficult to remember each and everything thing on record.

Be frank with the gynecologist

Taking to your gynecologist as if you are talking to someone close to you. Seek, her opinion on facets of the reproductive system and when you encourage open and frank conversation things tend to be at ease as far as both parties are concerned.

It is suggested that you not only focus on a gynecologist but avail the services of the best obstetrician in Mumbai because they are the people whom you will need the most during delivery.

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